ko-ordinate March

Coordinate – the 3rd, we return to snowfree grounds, painfree balance on pathways without iceblocks, greycolored packed piles of snow, halfway cleaned from streets and parking lots, remaining islands of winter – springtime is back!!!
And the new coordinate? After Schwabing and Feldmoching we are now in another suburbing area southwest of Munich center. Fürstenried, close to the highway to the Bavarian Alps, where each weekend a caravan of mobile urbans are following the crowds.
From satellites‘ view it appears as typical 70/80th social urbanization project. Surrounded by small green zones, small garding styled houses the area is dominated by tower blocks. Parking garages are situated in between, larger than playgrounds or other types of infrastructure. Never been there, always part of those passing on weekends on the fast lane to the Alps. A nice and interesting task to capture this place. Definitely I’ll continue with the type of combined fotos kept in b/w, and will experiment with abstraction, reducing to a minimum, elimination of details and finally to capture the essence of this place. Let’s see how it works…

and here are first results. Not exactly what I wanted but …

fürstenried2 fürstenried-rot

and here are the other results of LE4EL:




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